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Our Story

It Happened Naturally…

Megaburn has built its reputation through its ingredients and genuine commitment to health. Even in the beginning, when John Heffernan was making bars in his kitchen, he started getting calls from health food stores wanting to sell the products.

It’s now some 20 years later and health and nutrition matters to people of all backgrounds more than ever.

Whether you're a shredder or a yogi, a professional athlete or into calisthenics, or you're just looking to eat cleanly, we have products that taste great and are great for you.

Our products are created with an understanding of how the human body works and what is available naturally to promote good health, natural energy and lean muscle

We have a range of vegan products available for those eating a mainly plant based diet. Vegan Bars and Vegan Meal Replacement are also under development and will be released later in the year.

We have gluten and dairy free products, with beneficial bacteria such as multi strain lactobacillus, which helps with nutrient absorption, increasing the production of vitamins, promoting gut health and increasing the resistance to disease.

With ingredients like strawberries, bananas, almonds, kiwi, coconut, pumpkins seeds, grapes, honey, papaya, sesame seeds, almonds, brazil nuts and more you will see and taste why everyone talks about them – even world champion athletes.

The bottom line – Megaburn products are Natural Nutrition and they give your body what it’s been missing.